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Raw Silk Cape

$145.00 USD

The Argaman&Defiance Cape is made of 100% raw silk and printed by hand. 

This is the triple threat of scarves. Not only does it transition flawlessly from a cape to a wrap it also can be worn as an oversized lux scarf to elevate any look.

The edges of your scarf are left raw for the perfect drape! Caring for this scarf is super easy! Dry clean or hand wash with any non-bleach detergent in COLD water. Hang dry and press on a low heat setting.

Product Info:
• Dimensions: 72" x 30" inches
• Hand printed 100% raw silk 
• Printed by hand with water-based ink
• Care Instructions: Handwash in COLD water, any non-bleach detergent will do. Hang dry and press on a low heat setting.

What is raw silk? Glad you asked - Raw silk is silk that has not been stripped of sericin. Silk emitted by the silkworm consists mainly of two proteins, sericin, and fibroin; fibroin being the structural center of the silk (aka - fine silk), and sericin being the gum coating the fibers and allowing them to stick to each other, and also making the fiber efficient at trapping and holding heat. As a result of having the sericin left on, raw silk is somewhat heavier in texture.

About the brand: Argaman&Defiance paints and prints intricate patterns with water-based inks. From stitch to surface design, Argaman&Defiance is creating every piece by hand.

Made by: Lydia Crespo
Based in: Chicago, IL USA
Instagram: @argamandefiance 

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